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A YouTube Video about Doug Durkee, Artist

Get to know more about what drives the creativity of artist Doug Durkee by viewing this YouTube video. NOTE: When done viewing the video, be sure to select the "BACK" button in your Web browser to return to this Web page.

View the video.

Visit the Custom One-of-a-Kind Art Creations Web page for additional examples of Doug's work.

Examples of Design Categories

Starburst to Infinity Mirror

Eloquent best describes this matte black wall mirror. The suspended starburst has thousand of lights converging in the center with lights that shade shift. The hand detail accent strips on front highlight its contemporary design. It can be hung square or as a diamond. Perfect for an entryway.


24" wide x 24" tall x 2 1/2" deep


infinity starburst wall mirror

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Times Squared Infinity Table

"Times Squared" is a handmade contemporary table using a waterfall design with aluminum legs. As you view the inset image you will notice the fractal nature of this design. The optical illusion within the table creates visual wonder to trick the eye to make it wander outside what the mind expects to see. Enjoy this unique 3D piece of art that changes as you view it from different angles.

Click Here to View Inside of Table

Dimensions: 31 1/2" tall x 23 1/2" wide x 17 1/2" deep

times squared table
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"Endless Time" Grandfather Clock

"Endless Time" Grandfather clock takes light and space to a new level of visual excitement! When you peer into this dramatic clock, you will see the optical illusion of thousands of LED light reflections appearing to descend back more than 10 feet from the clock face to the rear in perfect order! "Endless Time" is a new level of artistic presentation that will make a statement in your home or office.

Dimensions: 6' 3" tall x 24" wide x 18" deep

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(Design is patented.)

"Countdown" Modern Floor Clock

The captivating Countdown floor clock features remote control color selection and light-chasing visuals which give the effect of spinning globes descending into infinity. The lighting can be changed to various shades of red, blue, green and other colors. This clock will make a statement in any office or home decor.

Dimensions: 6' -5 1/2" tall x 30" wide x 16" deep


Countdown Clock image

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"Lean Times" Modern Wood Clock

"Lean Times" was designed for people who want to go back to the basics. The maple crosscut is accented with a solid walnut clock face supported by an oak base. It is a perfect focal point for rustic environments to show nature's artistic creation.

Dimensions: 102" tall x 28" wide x 15" deep

Modern Wood Floor Clock Lean Times

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"Somewhere in Time" Floor Clock

"Somewhere in Time" marries my love of contemporary furniture with my admiration of vintage furniture.

Each of the twenty-nine pieces that form this clock were hand cut and sanded so they would tightly interlock with the surrounding pieces. There are over 15 exotic woods to provide natural coloring rather than using stains or dyes. The woods with the stainless accents give this contemporary floor clock a dual illusion of a vintage piece with an ultra modern touch.

Dimensions: 81" tall x 35" wide x 18" deep



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"Springtime" Grandfather Clock

Springtime is handcrafted in maple, bloodwood, walnut, ebony woods, and aluminum with accents. The face is frosted glass with backlighting. The aluminum accents on the flanges represent raindrops on a flower's petals. This organic design will remind you that spring is around the corner no matter what time of year it really is. The aluminum base raises this grandfather clock to a majestic height.

Also available in all maple with black accents. To see how this clock will look in maple, click here.

Dimensions: 6' 2" tall x x 23" wide x 18" deep



Summary of Doug Durkee's Design Expertise

Douglas Durkee, a member of the National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA), Kentucky Crafted and the Furniture Society, designs infinity mirrors, infinity tables and infinity clocks. These unique light sculptures add a dramatic affect to your home or office.

Each infinity mirror, infinity table or infinity clock created is a unique piece of artwork. All of his work contains electric lights placed at various intervals in a highly refractive chamber to create sculptured light tunnels.

Regardless of whether you choose one of his traditional, art deco or ultra contemporary art furnishings, each item has lights and special refractive lenses. This creates a mesmerizing tunnel of light with the illusion of continuing to infinity.

When you add an Infinity Art Furnishing to your home or office, it will transform it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Contemporary Grandfather Clocks - Modern Furniture

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Member of NAIA (National Association of Independent Artists)

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